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Learning at MSB

MSB is a community where individuals are respected and individuality is supported. We inspire creativity and encourage children to explore their interests using their self-propelled concentration to their advantage. As a result, mastery of concepts and skills is deep and rich. We offer individualized instruction, collaborative group work and facilitate child-initiated learning. MSB provides a learning environment with clear limits and expectations.

From the very beginning, at age 3, our students learn how to be responsible members of a diverse community. Learning respect and empathy for others is an important cornerstone in development and helps underscore the skills of advocating and caring for oneself. We not only excel at academics, we focus on the social and emotional growth of each student.

Your child’s journey at MSB will likely begin at 3 years of age and last until age 12! MSB’s holistic approach to education ensures your child is prepared for life’s challenges. MSB grads are confident, resilient, independent thinkers with a lust for life.

As a program, MSB coordinates learning across all grade levels so that children experience the curriculum as a continuous spiral of connected concepts. Skills become more complex and sophisticated as students progress through the various developmental stages. As educators, we too are lifelong learners, continually training and enhancing our toolkit in order to bring our students the most thoughtful, engaging and challenging education we can offer.