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Roughly 180 children attend MSB every year. In turn, these children make up nearly 140 families. The majority of our families live in the hills just west of Portland. We also have many families from Beaverton, Hillsboro and Portland proper. Some of our families travel more than ten miles to join our school and vibrant community. MSB is markedly unique and special in part because parents of diverse backgrounds come together to create a dynamic learning community which honors children.

MSB’s success is directly linked to our close-knit community made up of parents, teachers, students, alumni, grandparents, and friends. Community involvement is a key component of education, and its relationship to Montessori education is no different. With many opportunities to participate, volunteer, socialize and bond, the entire family enriches a child’s educational experience. This involvement is a priority for MSB and a value shared by all of our families.