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Mission Statement

As a community dedicated to Montessori ideals, MSB supports the development of the whole child, guiding each toward their full potential.

Core Values

MSB’s core values are the inherent building blocks of our community and reflect our lasting commitment to Montessori education and principles. These key elements help define our identity and purpose, and reflect the joy we see in our students and staff.

ABAR Statement

We at MSB acknowledge the long-seeded issues of privilege, bias, and racism in our country, and commit to educating ourselves and our community through the lens of anti-bias education. Anti-bias education encompasses issues of religion, language, differing ability, gender, sexism, racism, classism, and sexual orientation. MSB recognizes that to be anti-bias is an ongoing commitment, and that true change takes self-reflection, diligence, and action. 

Commitment Statement

  1. Build respectful partnerships with families.
  2. Support children in developing a sense of pride in relation to their identity, family, and cultural heritage.
  3. Provide content and experiences that inspire children to understand differences and embrace diversity.
  4. Take steps to identify and reflect on our own privilege and implicit biases.
  5. Work as educators to address prejudice, racism, and bias whenever we encounter it.
  6. Offer age-appropriate information regarding prejudice and discrimination.
  7. Help students develop skills to address social injustice.
  8. Provide families with resources that invite them into the work of creating an anti-bias community.

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