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Our School Today

MSB is a non-denominational, independent, Montessori school for children ages 3-12. Built in 1999, our school was thoughtfully constructed on an idyllic, 6-acre campus. Designed by Thomas Hacker, the architecture of the school was formed by the needs of the Montessori classroom and maximizes our lush and unique landscape. Each classroom contains a glass wall of natural light and has an accompanying outdoor extension and garden.

MSB’s visitors often remark upon our natural beauty, order and peaceful classroom environments. They comment on the focused, independent, happy children they encounter, the lively discussions and lessons they hear, and the atmosphere of mutual respect that is evident between adults and children. They see students who are eager to come to school every day, which is a testament to the joy children experience while at MSB.

From day one, the core focus of our school has been children, but it’s our close-knit community that makes us so special. Our exceptional educators and motivated, involved community make MSB a unique place like none other.