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Our teachers use a variety of assessment methods to make decisions about the education of each child. An unwavering goal for each student is a fundamental understanding and respect for how we learn, not simply what we learn. When progress is not evidenced, teachers establish review routines or create new lessons.

Primarily, we use a process of formative and summative assessment that is developmentally appropriate across all levels. Authentic assessment is the measurement of meaningful intellectual accomplishments that determine if student knowledge can be applied outside of the classroom. This appraisal consists of observation, child/teacher conferences, journals, verbal exchange, written work and an overall assessment of the child’s curricular trajectory.

While in the Primary teachers regularly assess children, noting areas of progress and struggle. By the time students graduate from the Elementary Program they are expected to comprehend and articulate academic subjects. In addition to our careful assessment procedure, we also administer a nationally-normed standardized test each year in Upper Elementary.

Parent/Teacher conferences are held twice a year and provide an important opportunity to discuss children’s progress. In the Elementary, an additional written progress report is sent home two times a year. These conferences and reports support the ongoing dialogue and open lines of communication that exists between home and school.