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The Primary

The Primary is the core of the Montessori Method and is the curriculum of the 3 – 6 year old child. These classrooms are the starting place, and mainstay, of Montessori education around the world. Developmentally, children at this age need to explore and discover in order to address their insatiable curiosity. These children possess an Absorbent Mind.

Our Primary classrooms are specifically designed to stimulate and engage children’s senses. Each classroom has two adults: a teacher accompanied by an assistant. With careful guidance from their teacher, children have the freedom to work independently based on their interests. MSB’s distinctive learning environments are aesthetically inviting with an array of learning materials, plants, animals, art, music and direct access to nature. Specially designed, hands-on materials that engage children in learning are everywhere. When children are provided self-direction, and learn through self-discovery, they cultivate strong characteristics such as motivation, concentration, self-discipline and a genuine love of learning.

A Learning Community

3– 6 year olds, can work at their own tempo and follow their curiosities without interruption. This is a place where they can feel at home. Children learn to cooperate with children of different ages and to respect each other’s efforts. They learn to care for themselves, aid others and be conscious of their environment. The classroom is a microcosm, a flourishing community where children display, and are shown, respect and dignity. 

An Environment Built for Learning

Above all else, our classrooms are prepared with the child in mind. The physical space and routines are harmonized to enhance exploration and independent learning. The room is set up at child height, enabling children to reach what they want without relying on adult help.  We believe that children learn more by direct experience and less by simply listening to an adult talk. Our Montessori materials are simple, elegant and stimulating. They appeal specifically to the child at this stage of development. This prepared environment only includes items that will engage children and encourage spontaneous activity. Each classroom also has a large outdoor space to enhance childrens’ sense of our interconnectedness with nature.